Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Update on my grandmother

Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot of news. There was a family meeting with the doctor today. They've done another MRI, and it seems there is nothing on the left side of her brain. I've seen it, and there are absolutely no wrinkles/creases where there should be. It's freaky looking. He says that the next 24-48 hours are critical, to see if she survives the stroke. He is unsure if she will. However, he says if she does survive, she will have use of her left side, POSSIBLY her right leg, but not her right hand or arm. Her speech, if present, will be halted and slurred. He explained to them that with stroke patients, they like to keep their blood pressure about 150-160 to push through any of the clot/particles. However, if it rises above 180, they have to administer more of the meds she received yesterday. The family and the doctor have agreed to heroic measure for the next few days, to see how she's going to come through this. If she is to be put on a respirator, it is only to be for 3 days. They agreed that if it doesn't look like she's going to have a reasonable quality of life (ie no use of her limbs, etc), then they're going to allow her body to shut down on its own. So, it all hangs on the next few days and whether or not she survives the stroke.

PS--It's doubtful she'll ever return home. My grandfather asked all the hard questions. He's so lost without her. The dr said that if she makes it through, she'll require LOTS of rehabilitation and will probably need the care of a nursing home.


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