Thursday, April 14, 2005

Birthday, frogging, and wine

Well, I am now officially that much closer to the big 3-0. My birthday was earlier this week. Well, no....that's not in order. Let me start again.

On Friday, I had completed the frill part of Variation on a Frill from Knitty and had gotten a few rows of the openwork done. I decided that I didn't like the way it was turning out, so I frogged the entire thing. Plah! (<--That's Adelaide's made up cuss word. LOL)

My little girl left for Florida on Saturday. She has been having a ball. She informed my parents that she didn't want to come home and asked if she was good if she could just stay there. LOL I'll have to admit that I don't miss her as much as I thought I would. It has been nice not to have fought my temper these past few days. Still, I've talked to her every day and I will be so happy when she comes home tomorrow afternoon. This picture just melted my heart when I saw it:

That's Adelaide and my father on the beach. Aren't they cute?!?

After dropping her off with my parents, the remaining three members of my family headed to the MS Walk. My best friend was diagnosed almost four years ago and we've walked every year in her honor. Last year she was in a wheel chair, and this year we walked the four mile course!!! She's been working with a personal trainer and it's really made a difference.

Lara (the trainer), Gwen (Ang's co-worker), me, Angela (my best friend)

I celebrated my birthday at Olive Garden. It is one of my favorite restaurants. Truth be told, I go as much for the salad as anything else. I also treated myself to a glass of wine, though I'm not anything close to a connisseur. I loved it so much, I bought a bottle and am going to drink it with my extended family this weekend!

It was the Secco-Bertani Valpolicella Valpantena. I call it YUM!!! I didn't do much else for my birthday, other than buying some makeup at Origins and ate ice cream at Maggie Moos with my sister and Emma.

Back to the knitting front, I have rolled some of my salvaged/dyed yarn into center pull balls and have jumped on the Clapotis bandwagon. Truth be told, I haven't gotten very far. LOL I'll take more pictures when it's picture-worthy.

Speaking of salvaging, don't forget, the KAL officially kicks off tomorrow!!!


Blogger Kate said...

Happy Birthday!!

Ooooh, I love the Olive Garden AND Maggie Moos! :<)

Sunday, April 17, 2005 11:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Paige said...

I love your daughter's name! I was almost named Adelaide after my great-grandmother. Mom lost the bet tho......
i am going to be dooing the breast cancer walkathon in celebration for my mom and a friend. My mom is a survivor x three......
And, i love a good red wine.....yum!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 12:08:00 AM  

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