Saturday, March 12, 2005

Did Pandora's Box Have Knitting Needles?

Wow. Boy, if I knew it would be this addictive, I'm not sure I would have started! Okay, yeah, I would. ;) As a SAHM of two children not yet in school, I needed something to divert my attention and give me a little bit of yoga-like therapy. I have some crafting experience, but had never picked up a pair of needles before. My sister was knitting some things for my girls, and I decided to give it a go myself. I started around late January/early Febuary. For the longest time, I thought I just wasn't cut out for knitting. I ended up tinking so much that the yarn unravelled. Finally, I got smart and went out and bought a pound of the cheapest acrylic I could find. I also tried an easier stitch. When I screwed up, I just slid it off the needles, broke yarn, and started over. Finally, my first successful project was this:

It is a two rectangle poncho in the butterfly stitch. It is knit in worsted weight acrylic.

The next project I attempted was a blanket for my expectant neighbor, who is due late this month or early next. I tried playing with color for this:

It is knit in bulky weight yarn on US 11. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the final blanket.

I also made her a hat:

And a bigger blanket:

She almost cried when I gave them to her. She was so thrilled that I took time to make something. She's such a sweetheart.

In between the blankets and hat, I started a sweater for my daughter:

It's a pattern from Rowan Junior that I adapted to make a little more funky. My daughter has a lot of spunk and I wanted the sweater to show that. I knit two rows of the ribbing in Lion Brand's fun fur before continuing in the main sweater color. I still have a sleeve and a half to go. The girls got ahold of it too many times, and I ended up tinking it so many times that I got tired of it, and decided to try something else for a while.

My oldest daughter told me she wanted "oven mitts." So, I found a free pattern for two needle mittens and found some yarn that was clearanced out for $1/skein as it was Christmas stock. Here are the results:

As you can see, she loved them!

Next, I decided on a hat for my dh. He wore his hats too big and had too much extra fabric on his head, so I adapted a rib hat to suit my tastes. I used Lion Brand's Wool-Ease, so it's not as warm as he'd like. I'm still a bit nervous to try "real" yarn.

My current project is an Aran sampler afghan. So far I've completed one square:

and am working on another:

Not too bad for my first attempt at cables, huh?

As I was taking the picture, my daughter thought I should take a picture of her: LOL

Isn't she a hoot?!?

I'm finally feeling brave enough to delve into natural fibers. I know they're a little more expensive, but I've got feelers out for some good bargains. I'm going to my LYS with my mother tomorrow, who wants me to knit her a shawl. I'm so excited! I don't dare go alone, as I know I'll spend too much money! I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you for reading. I must now crawl into bed before my husband gets too mad. He fell asleep on the floor and is now in bed with our youngest daughter, who usually wakes for her 2-3 am feeding and stays in bed with us.


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Hey..I like that idea. I am a painter..would you mind if I painted something like pansoras box..with knitting in it?

By the knit really well.

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